Is The Pinarello Dogma K10S Disk The Smoothest Ride Yet?

It is not every day that Pinarello releases a new bike, therefore the new Dogma K10S Disk is something very special. Having launched just after the Dogma F10 Disk, the K10 has been designed to handle any terrain or road surface and has disc brakes instead of rim brakes. It has smoothly integrated the aerodynamic qualities of the Dogma F10, as well as the concave training edge to the downtube and shielding water bottles from airflow in its design.

The Dogma K10S boasts of features such as a rear elastomer suspension that can be controlled by both a Garmin Edge computer and internal sensors, and a high modulus carbon frame. The elastomer is automated to such an extent that it can be activated or locked out by an app on the Edge. The same is true while riding the bike via accelerometers and gyroscopes that have been built into the seat tube.

In terms of physical attributes, the Dogma K10S Disk has a taller and slacker head tube, along with a longer wheelbase, supporting a clearance of up to 28mm tires. The tire clearance also supports increased air volume, lower pressures and bump smoothening. Though the tire clearance is much more than the 25mm used by many professionals, it is still not as wide as 30mm, which is provided by most endurance bikes.

The model also supports a longer fork rake to ensure a comfortable, as well as a stable riding experience on tough surfaces. Aside from that, the chain stays have also been lengthened and include a flexing area in their middle section to ensure complete compliance. The seat stays have been curved to ensure flex as well.


electronic bicycle


The entire industry is in awe of the rear suspension and the mechanisms that are used to control it efficiently. As mentioned earlier, the rear shock can be set for a hard or soft performance by using a Garmin Edge computer that supports the Pinarello application. The cherry on the cake is that the systems can be even monitored via Bluetooth and also supports a USB charging port if you ever find yourself running out of battery juice. The model is said to also have remote lockout via buttons situated on the handlebars.

Although Pinarello had first launched rear suspension way back in 2015 in its Dogma K8S, the new model has come a long way and the system has been modified to suit your needs as an endurance bike. The model comes in various sizes as well as 4 colors, and also customized colors. However, you will pay a full thousand dollars more for customized colors. The K10S is available in sizes ranging from 44cm – 62cm.

If you are looking for an endurance bike which can be ridden on any terrain, as well as tricky surfaces, the Dogma K10S Disk is the perfect fit for you. This endurance bike has been modified with state of the art elastomer suspension and supportive hydraulics to ensure a stress-free ride every single time. It’s one of the best for sure!

The Pablove Foundation – Bike For Charity!

The Pablove Foundation was founded by Jo Thrailkill and Jeff Castelaz. It is a nonprofit organization that was put in place to help needy kids that have been diagnosed with cancer. The organization was named after their son Pablo, who died at age six after a long battle with bilateral Wilms Tumor, a childhood cancer.

This foundation has a mission to invest in underfunded research that is conducted toward cancer. It’s to inspire the affected families through education and improve the lives of the kids in these families who have been diagnosed with cancer. The funds go toward finding a cure and treating the kids who need it. This is so that families that are affected feel cared for, that they are all part of a big family.


charity organization


Pablove Across America is a cycling experience that involves 50 riders. During the race, each rider is required to donate at least $7500, which goes to the foundation to help these kids. The main objective of the foundation is to fight childhood cancer with unity and love. If you can’t be a part of the race, you can still directly donate to the charity.

Those who take part in Pablove Across America receive some incentives that will make them feel good and always wish to be part of the race. They receive a cycling kit that is Pablove-branded, a short sleeved jersey, bib shorts, individual coaching, a training plan, nutritional meals, on bike food and water, daily maintenance on their bikes, a support vehicle that rides behind the bikers, a personalized fundraising page, a double occupancy hotel room and finally, massage services to keep their body in good working shape. Below are two other charities to check out as well…

1400 Miles Bike Ride


Don't Fear The Finger


This organization was launched by Davis Tucker to help raise funds and awareness against prostate cancer, the third leading cause of cancer in men. The funds are split into two parts, the first part going to prostate education and low cost testing, and the second part goes to their partner charity, Pints for Prostates. The idea is to get men together to talk about these things over some beers.

The 1400 Miles ride is quite tough and the participants are required to break the race into five legs, each leg requiring the team to raise $2800 per person. Each person donating money would complete one leg of the journey. The race comes with some incentives like jerseys that are branded ‘1400 miles’, cycling kits, pint glasses and tickets that include entry to a follow up party.

The organization is not restricted to just the riders alone, and the community is welcomed to participate in the fundraising with their community ride. Non-riders can participate in a beers and barbecue event, buy t-shirts, or donate directly through the website.

The Free Wheel Foundation – The Ride 430 Challenge


Ride 430 Race


This organization is powered by the Free Wheel Foundation, and its main mission is to provide support to the families of injured and fallen heroes, and veterans. It is usually a 4-day event each year, and each participant in the race is required to raise $6600 by the end of the campaign and their goal is to raise over $350,000. The foundation also provides adaptive equipment to injured veterans. If you wish to donate instead of ride, you can do that here.

Le Tour De France – Most Famous Race Of All Time

France has always had a love affair with bicycles and promotes bicycling in other parts of the world where outdoor activities aren’t very common due to a hot and humid climate. The first bicycle was invented by a German, although it was the French who started marketing bicycles. This love for bikes made them start Le Tour de France, which is the most famous and prestigious bicycle race in the world.


tour de france race


People from all over the world visit France to participate in the race. Getting the chance to race can be the highlight of any cyclist’s career and winning it would be the honor of their lives. This race is held annually in July and spans over the period of three weeks. It is among the most difficult bicycle races in the world.

The tour typically has 20-22 professional teams, each having 9 riders covering all of France, including some other European countries like Belgium, Italy, Spain and Germany. It dates back to 1903 when it was held for the first time and has cultural roots associated in the country. Since then, it is held every year except during World Wars.

Le Tour de France is held in multiple stages, with each stage having a start and stop in different cities and an assigned route length. Hundreds of people gather on the roads to witness this historical race and it is broadcasted all over the world. The race tests athletic endurance and stamina of cyclists, as it divided into different time trials which are stretched along either flat land or mountainous areas.


racing in the Alps


Very few cyclists are able to do well in both regions. The cyclist with the least cumulative time calculated each day, which is summed up at the end of the tour, wins the race. This year’s race started in Germany, but the race always ends in Paris. The next race in 2019 will start in Brussels, Belgium.

There are other jerseys associated with this race that are awarded to cyclists. Bonus points calculation is done, in which the first three winners have some time deducted from their overall time. This practice is held at many intervals throughout the race. The cyclist with the highest points comes out as a winner and is awarded a green jersey. The cyclists with the most points, while cycling over small hills and steep mountains, is termed as ‘King of Mountains’ and is given a polka-dotted jersey. Riders who are 25 years of age and under, with the lowest total times, are given a white jersey.


jersey colors


Riders come very well prepared for this race, usually bringing three different types of bicycles. They use one for time trials, one for flat road stages and one for mountain stages. These bicycles have to meet the standards of the International Cycling Union. All major bicycles manufacturers consider it an honor to present a customized bike to famous cyclists of the race and past winners.

The prize money at the end of Le Tour de France varies every year, but for 2017, the winner will receive a prize of 500,000 euros. There are many different colors that are worn to represent different achievements and awards. If you want to find out what they mean, you can visit read more HERE.

4 Great Racing Bikes For 2017

1. Trek Emonda SLR 8 RSL



After the release of the Emonda series back in 2014, Trek realized it was inevitably flawed, so they decided to go back to the drawing board. The goal was to construct the lightest line of road bikes ever offered on the market, finding a good balance between aerodynamics, speed, and weight. This beauty is crafted with one of the lightest USA-made frames, weighing in at just over 13 pounds, with a weight limit of about 275 pounds.

Now taking a look through the customer’s view, the Emonda SLR 8 RSL comes with a lifetime frame warranty and offers a variety of seven different sizes. When riding the bike, one will notice the refined ride quality and evenness to it. This bike rides like a proper race bike should: swift, smooth, light, fast handling and comfortable. FULL STATS

2. Pinarello Dogma F10



Not many bikes manage to look great and shout “quality!” at the same time, especially while sitting still, as Pinarello’s Dogma F10 does so well. Its uncompromisingly fast performance ride tells us that this bike means business! It packs an exhilarating frame fit with minor single digit improvements in stiffness and weight, compared to the highly known Dogma F8.

While riding the F10, you’ll be keen to notice the jumps it makes with the slightest inputs and corners as if you were riding on a racing track. Experiencing this sensation automatically sets the mood to “racing”, which is highly effective for professional cyclists in terms of motivation towards training.

The recent improvement of the aerodynamics in the F10 is but one of the many reasons why this bike is legendary. Even if you’re not much of a racer, an experience with the Dogma F10 will leave you craving more of the “need for speed”. READ MORE

3. Planet X EC-130E


racing bike EC-130E

Planet X is a UK road bike brand known for its quality bikes with an exceptional value. Recently, they released their newest edition to the family, the EC-130E. It’s rigorous and carefully designed, and its lightweight aero frame earned it the 2017 Aero bike of the year award. The Planet X EC-130E is available in a range of different builds, allowing the company to showcase the craftsmanship and pride in the bike’s construction.

Planet X permits customers to freely access and upgrade parts of the EC-130E build such as wheels, alter saddles, and peddles to ensure maximum comfort. The bike will then be built perfectly for them according to their preferences. If you’re looking for an aero bike with the option of adjustability to the build, then there’s no better bike than the EC-130E. LEARN MORE

4. Look 795 Aerolight eTap


The 795

The LOOK 795 is an epic example of an integrated bicycle series designed to perfection. Mesmerized by this absolute masterpiece, Pro cyclists unraveled this bad boy for the world to see at the 2016 Tour de France. It features the latest 2017 LOOK 795 Aerolight ProTeam, including a fully integrated carbon exterior aero frame, outstanding LOOK integrated aero brakes, and Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL wheels.

The 795 has really taken road bike aerodynamics to a whole new level, and it is internationally recognized by winning multiple design awards, while simultaneously setting a new benchmark for high performance bikes worldwide. READ MORE

Butt Comfort For long Bike Rides!

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