The Pablove Foundation – Bike For Charity!

The Pablove Foundation was founded by Jo Thrailkill and Jeff Castelaz. It is a nonprofit organization that was put in place to help needy kids that have been diagnosed with cancer. The organization was named after their son Pablo, who died at age six after a long battle with bilateral Wilms Tumor, a childhood cancer.

This foundation has a mission to invest in underfunded research that is conducted toward cancer. It’s to inspire the affected families through education and improve the lives of the kids in these families who have been diagnosed with cancer. The funds go toward finding a cure and treating the kids who need it. This is so that families that are affected feel cared for, that they are all part of a big family.


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Pablove Across America is a cycling experience that involves 50 riders. During the race, each rider is required to donate at least $7500, which goes to the foundation to help these kids. The main objective of the foundation is to fight childhood cancer with unity and love. If you can’t be a part of the race, you can still directly donate to the charity.

Those who take part in Pablove Across America receive some incentives that will make them feel good and always wish to be part of the race. They receive a cycling kit that is Pablove-branded, a short sleeved jersey, bib shorts, individual coaching, a training plan, nutritional meals, on bike food and water, daily maintenance on their bikes, a support vehicle that rides behind the bikers, a personalized fundraising page, a double occupancy hotel room and finally, massage services to keep their body in good working shape. Below are two other charities to check out as well…

1400 Miles Bike Ride


Don't Fear The Finger


This organization was launched by Davis Tucker to help raise funds and awareness against prostate cancer, the third leading cause of cancer in men. The funds are split into two parts, the first part going to prostate education and low cost testing, and the second part goes to their partner charity, Pints for Prostates. The idea is to get men together to talk about these things over some beers.

The 1400 Miles ride is quite tough and the participants are required to break the race into five legs, each leg requiring the team to raise $2800 per person. Each person donating money would complete one leg of the journey. The race comes with some incentives like jerseys that are branded ‘1400 miles’, cycling kits, pint glasses and tickets that include entry to a follow up party.

The organization is not restricted to just the riders alone, and the community is welcomed to participate in the fundraising with their community ride. Non-riders can participate in a beers and barbecue event, buy t-shirts, or donate directly through the website.

The Free Wheel Foundation – The Ride 430 Challenge


Ride 430 Race


This organization is powered by the Free Wheel Foundation, and its main mission is to provide support to the families of injured and fallen heroes, and veterans. It is usually a 4-day event each year, and each participant in the race is required to raise $6600 by the end of the campaign and their goal is to raise over $350,000. The foundation also provides adaptive equipment to injured veterans. If you wish to donate instead of ride, you can do that here.