Is The Pinarello Dogma K10S Disk The Smoothest Ride Yet?

It is not every day that Pinarello releases a new bike, therefore the new Dogma K10S Disk is something very special. Having launched just after the Dogma F10 Disk, the K10 has been designed to handle any terrain or road surface and has disc brakes instead of rim brakes. It has smoothly integrated the aerodynamic qualities of the Dogma F10, as well as the concave training edge to the downtube and shielding water bottles from airflow in its design.

The Dogma K10S boasts of features such as a rear elastomer suspension that can be controlled by both a Garmin Edge computer and internal sensors, and a high modulus carbon frame. The elastomer is automated to such an extent that it can be activated or locked out by an app on the Edge. The same is true while riding the bike via accelerometers and gyroscopes that have been built into the seat tube.

In terms of physical attributes, the Dogma K10S Disk has a taller and slacker head tube, along with a longer wheelbase, supporting a clearance of up to 28mm tires. The tire clearance also supports increased air volume, lower pressures and bump smoothening. Though the tire clearance is much more than the 25mm used by many professionals, it is still not as wide as 30mm, which is provided by most endurance bikes.

The model also supports a longer fork rake to ensure a comfortable, as well as a stable riding experience on tough surfaces. Aside from that, the chain stays have also been lengthened and include a flexing area in their middle section to ensure complete compliance. The seat stays have been curved to ensure flex as well.


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The entire industry is in awe of the rear suspension and the mechanisms that are used to control it efficiently. As mentioned earlier, the rear shock can be set for a hard or soft performance by using a Garmin Edge computer that supports the Pinarello application. The cherry on the cake is that the systems can be even monitored via Bluetooth and also supports a USB charging port if you ever find yourself running out of battery juice. The model is said to also have remote lockout via buttons situated on the handlebars.

Although Pinarello had first launched rear suspension way back in 2015 in its Dogma K8S, the new model has come a long way and the system has been modified to suit your needs as an endurance bike. The model comes in various sizes as well as 4 colors, and also customized colors. However, you will pay a full thousand dollars more for customized colors. The K10S is available in sizes ranging from 44cm – 62cm.

If you are looking for an endurance bike which can be ridden on any terrain, as well as tricky surfaces, the Dogma K10S Disk is the perfect fit for you. This endurance bike has been modified with state of the art elastomer suspension and supportive hydraulics to ensure a stress-free ride every single time. It’s one of the best for sure!